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Humans are hilarious

I feel like I'm watching a sitcom

21 October 1986
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I'm your average anime loving gamer girl. I am pretty boring with my head stuck permanently in the clouds... *tries to get the cloud out of her hair*. I am a dreamer and that is how I live my life, not that it does me any good seeing as my dream is to have cat ears and a tail *meow*. Despite the fact that I am extremely strange, I would like to think that I am a nice enough person *smiles*... I'm always looking for new friends to keep me company but I can never seem to find them *looks under the bed*. I spend too much time indoors for my own good. I love playing computer games like World of Warcraft, reading Mangas like Death Note and watching anime like Chobits, Death Note and Elfen lied. I love my friends so much... Tom and Hayz are my best friends in the whole wide world, I've gone through a lot with both of them and they have both supported me through a lot of hardships and helped me get out of a very dark place! I love them to bits. There's not much else to say, if you want to know more... add me!

This journal is friends only. That means you have to be on my friends list to be able to see my entries. If you want to be added please leave a comment. I am very irregular at checking my livejournal, so please don't be too offended if I take a while to add you in return. I'd quite like people with the same interests as me on my friends list. I'm not particularly interesting, but I'm a nice person who will never leave a sour comment or hurt someone's feelings.

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